Last updated:

14th July 2023

Amending an Education, Health and Care Plan

The proposed amended plan

The Local Authority must send you / your young person a proposed amended EHCP (Education, Health and Care Plan.) You will have 15 days to return any comments on this revised plan, as you did when the initial plan was issued. 

The Local Authority must issue a final amended plan within 8 weeks of sending you the proposed amended plan. You have the right to appeal if you do not agree with the content of the plan (Sections B and F) or the placement specified in Section I. 

Phase transfers (moving between different phases of education)

There are specific rules that apply when your child is transferring to the next stage of their education. Annual reviews should be started in good time to allow them to be completed by the following dates. The dates are set so that there is plenty of time to allow for an appeal to be concluded by the end of the summer term if necessary. 

Deadlines for final plans

Transfer between phases Deadline for final
Early years to school 15 February
Infant to Junior (when changing schools) 15 February
Junior to Secondary 15 February
Secondary to Post 16 Institution 31 March