Last updated:

24th November 2023

Choosing a school

We are often asked to give advice about which schools would be suitable for a child. Parents should be aware that professionals working for Local Authorities are not permitted to suggest or recommend specific schools to any prospective pupil or their parents.

However we should be able to give guidance about the different types of school, or if special school or resource is being considered we can inform you of which schools can meet which need. 

It is important to remember that all children are different and what works for one child may not be the best for another, even if they have the same type of special educational need. You know your child best. Often other parents will give recommendations about particular schools: their opinions will depend on their own experiences with their own child. We always advise parents to visit a school and make up their own mind. 

We have produced a checklist which will give you some ideas about the sort of questions you might ask or the kinds of things to look for when considering which school would best meets your child’s needs. View checklist on link below: