Last updated:

13th July 2023

What can the tribunal rule on?

Reasons for appeals and possible rulings:

  • Refusal to carry out an assessment. Possible rulings: Dismiss appeal, Order the Local Authority to assess
  • Refusal to reassess. Possible rulings: Dismiss appeal, Order the Local Authority to reassess
  • Refusal to issue a plan. Possible rulings: Order the Local Authority to issue and maintain a plan
  • Appeals about contents of plan, following assessment, re-assessment or annual review (Section B and F) or the placement named in I. Possible rulings: Any amendments will be considered based on the supporting evidence

What can’t the tribunal rule on?

The tribunal cannot make rulings on matters relating to Heath and Social Care (Sections C and D and G and H1/H2.)

However there is currently a national trial (until April 2020) during which time the tribunal can make recommendations on these matters.