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Feedback, compliments and complaints

Feedback, compliments and complaints

Feedback welcome

We are always happy to receive any feedback about our service whether that be things that have worked well or things that we could improve on. 

We will ask for your feedback on our service once we have completed a detailed piece of work with you over time. One of our volunteers will ring to ask you complete a very short survey over the phone, or this survey will be emailed to you. 

If we have only helped you very briefly (e.g. over the phone) we don’t tend to ring, but we are always happy to hear any feedback you have. Please contact us using the details below.

Discuss an issue

If you would like to discuss an issue in more detail ring or email Julie Monahan, SENDIASS Manager:


If you would rather raise your issue anonymously, contact SEND Voices Wokingham who will be happy to raise the issue on your behalf.